Four Seasons Kata Lips

Four Seasons Kata Lips offers wallpaperable murals. The motifs are based on oil and ink painting as well as experimental photography. Each mural is based on distinctive craftsmanship and is characterized by its uniqueness and authenticity.

Murals based on painting

The murals based on painting have a beautiful analogue expression due to their painted basis. Due to the high resolution, depending on the design, the canvas structure and the colour gradient can be seen well, which gives the murals a lively appearance. In some cases, the smallest splashes of paint and brushstrokes are clearly visible. There are representational depictions, such as the trees and bamboo grasses reminiscent of Japanese ink painting, as well as designs based simply on snapshots of flowing colour, or forming inspiring patterns through repeated mirroring.

Murals with a photographic basis

The murals with a photographic basis are based on recordings that are either razor-sharp or deliberately “blurred”. The blur caused by moving the camera at the moment the picture is taken softens the subject. In this way, the subject becomes blurred, creating a mixture of representational representation and abstract form. At the same time, the motif is freed from all bumps by the short hand movement during the release and a completely clean surface is created.

Kata lips

Kata Lips is a freelance artist. Her artworks have been shown in various exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig, Paris and Seoul. She dedicates herself primarily to large-format painting, but also deals with photography and various printing techniques, such as screen and riso printing.

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An original Japanese printing process little known in Europe.

Kata Lips realizes some of her paintings in the risoprinting process.