Our NIWA murals are based on hand-painted artworks. This mural is reminiscent of a reed or reed landscape. The pleasant play of light, which seems to come from the sun lying outside the edge of the picture, gives this mural its beautiful charisma. The vertical composition, broken here and there, creates a meditative atmosphere that has a very calming effect on the viewer.



The mural can be customized. It is scalable to a wall height of up to 300 cm and can be repeated infinitely in width. This means that even very long walls can be wallpapered seamlessly. The print is made on a health and environmentally friendly smooth non-woven wallpaper.



We recommend you to order a sample first. So you can get a better impression of the material and colour. The colour representation of the sample images can be displayed differently on different screens and thus deviate from the colour of the actual product.


Please contact us for further information.